Customer Experience Research & Strategies

Customers, Competition, and Company
Customer involvement and insight form the foundation of everything CSG does. For this reason, we actively engage your customers in experiential dialogue to uncover 1) where customer experiences break down, 2) how specific experiences impact customer mindset and behavior, and 3) how specific experiences stack up to expectations set by your competitors.

CSG covers every applicable channel—store/branch, direct mail, catalog, call center, sales/delivery representatives, field delivery/engineering, web, wireless, e-mail, social networking, mass media, etc.—as we strive to learn what your customers see and do when they interact with your business and with your competitors.

CSG also studies and analyzes how your business is currently "wired" to deliver customer experiences. While most companies have a holistic understanding of their brand/customer strategy, they have little to no holistic understanding of the actual experiences they deliver and how their many business units, channels, and partnerships work together—or don't—throughout the process. CSG provides the "wiring diagram" you need to fully understand the details and typical results of every critical customer touch point.

Customer Experience Measurement and Solution Design
CSG defines and combines these perspectives—understanding your clients, your competitors, and your company—to help you understand and measure the customer experiences you deliver and develop the strategies and solutions that can fix and even dramatically transform them. Typical CSG solution components include cross-channel creative and process design, knowledge management, policy/organization alignment, data/systems integration, business process optimization, and delivery/behavior data capture for on-going performance measurement and management.

CSG customer experience-based proprietary research protocols and behavior analytics drive a deep understanding of what impacts your customers and your business. Our proven experience-modeling and experience-measurement techniques clearly reveal how customer satisfaction, customer revenue/cost-driving behaviors, and multi-business unit operational metrics influence each other, and how these metrics can be aligned to drive ROI. We incorporate this expertise in ROI analysis into all our solutions. We also design and develop the CEM metrics, data strategy, and dashboard required for ongoing customer experience measurement and improvement.