CSG Disciplines

CSG brings together several key disciplines as we develop and deliver our solutions:

Customer Experience Strategy, Consulting, and Design
CSG's strategy practitioners average more than 10 years of experience with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Citigroup, FedEx, Sprint, Delta, JPMorgan Chase, and Corporate Express. We help our clients better understand their customers, quantify business opportunities for employing CEM/CRM practices, and develop strategies and tactics for moving forward.

Customer Research
CSG has more than 10 years of experience providing both qualitative and quantitative research for companies like FedEx, Corporate Express, Procter & Gamble, and others. Our qualitative research involves observational, ethnographic, and collaborative research for customer experience discovery, ideation, and design across interaction channels such as store/branch, direct mail, catalog, call center, sales/delivery representatives, field delivery/engineering, web, wireless, e-mail, social networking, and mass media. While our quantitative research employs leading-edge protocols and research designed to understand customer experience perception and ROI opportunities, our CE Research platform provides an economical, on-going way to gauge changes in customer experience perceptions.

Customer Analytics
CSG brings descriptive and predictive modeling and analytics together to allow clients to systematically measure ROI opportunities and the return of solutions put into market. Our proprietary CEM Causal Model and Analysis Tools identify and integrate mindset/satisfaction, behavior, and operational measurement areas to understand, predict, and monitor the client/customer value created through improved multi-channel experiences. For the first time, companies can understand how relationship investments as indirect as advertising and category management or as direct as backorder notification influence customer behavior and drive ROI.

Decision Support & Performance Management
CSG has extensive experience in tackling customer data issues as well as establishing customer experience metrics and scorecards. We've also helped clients via decision support systems across subject areas as varied as sales, service, finance, and delivery operations. All this is made possible by CSG's staff of industry thought leaders and skilled consultants in multiple database platforms, decision support/reporting tools, and data modeling tools.

Technology Development & Integration
CSG and its network command a deep expertise in various current and emerging technologies and tools vital to the success of customer experience innovation. We've conducted custom and integration development within the marketing, call center, sales, web, store/branch, and operations areas for many of the world's largest brands.