CSG Service Offerings

CSG has pioneered several proprietary solutions focused on solving the multi-channel integration problem. Developed through our work with marquee companies, these stragtegies engage clients' customers and competitors in order to understand how companies can synchronize their businesses to create seamless experiences that shift customer mindset and behavior toward profitable actions.

Enterprise CEM Strategy
Focus: Customer acquisition, retention, development, and channel synchronization issues.
Description: Strategic assessment of the company, its customers, and competitors to provide a seamless and innovative multi-channel customer experience and drive customer franchise value.
Product Customization and Deployment
Focus: Drive significant improvement in consumer visits, spend, and satisfaction with brands through unique and proprietary products that transform the experience for consumers.
Description: Customization and deployment of established CSG multi-channel products to transform the customer experience and differentiate client brands.
Targeted Experience Assessment
Focus: Solve a specific multi-channel experience problem (i.e., "gifting" in the retail industry or "account opening" in the financial services industry).
Description: Analysis, solution design, and ROI analysis against a particular experience—typically a key experience for the client or industry.
Competitive Analysis
Focus: Provide competitive analysis and benchmarking for key industry competitors for certain customer experiences.
Description: Competitive analysis of a client experience delivery and of a similar experience delivery at three to four of the client's competitors. Utilizes CSG's proprietary CEM channel scorecards.
CEM Methodology Training
Focus: Provide training on Customer Experience Management, Experience Mapping, and CSG's other proprietary tools and techniques to enable the client to effectively manage a customer experience on an on-going basis.
Description: Three- to four-day detailed training on CEM methods and techniques. Includes project delivery, staffing/skills assessment, experience mapping, causal analysis/ROI, hands-on casework, and dinner/panel discussions with practitioners.
CEM Dashboard & Experience Measurement
Focus: Solve the customer experience and multi-channel operational measurement problem. Show measurable and specific business ROI.
Description: The development of a business intelligence dashboard for CEM utilizing CSG's proprietary tools and algorithms. CSG's proven experience-modeling and experience-measurement techniques clearly model how customer satisfaction, customer revenue/cost-driving behaviors,
Experience Design & Development
Focus: Re-engineer or innovate a particular customer experience or pain point.
Description: Experience-based design and development of various solutions through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes the customer throughout the process. CSG provides the above solutions on an enterprise-wide basis as well as in specific marketing, sales, and customer service areas. CSG's proprietary tools and methods have been recognized by top analysts and are integrated into an overall CEM Approach.