SMS Wait Management

Keeping Customers Informed, Not In Line

Part of the Best Buy pilot utilized CSG's simple yet effective in-store Wait Management system that incorporates a bi-directional SMS/Text interface so shoppers are not 'tethered' to waiting and are free to shop throughout the store. By allowing customers to enter their first initial and last name (information displayed in an active, highly visible list that updates as users sign on and off the system) and a mobile phone number (information that is not displayed but can be used by store staff to inform a customer his or her name is reaching the top of the wait list), CSG's SMS Wait Management system empowers on-floor staff to enhance customers' in-store experiences by eliminating long lines and extended periods of inactivity. While customers can also send text messages to be added to the wait list, more importantly, they receive notifications as they progress up the list. Retailers can also opt to have a kiosk or touch screen automatically reserved for customers who must leave the area, allowing them to return to the interactive tool for their personal use when they are ready to do so.